Do you love good food?
If you love food, especially food that is fried and delicious and would like to know the BEST
Italian street-food then look no further….
As you probably know, Italy has a lot of pride about their food and that doesn’t stop at quick,
handheld, grab-and-go food. Also, just how Italy itself has pride, so do each of the regions and
cities within it. So each one of our favorite handheld foods is in a different city. Well let’s jump
right in! (Don’t forget to read to the end to know the best item!)

3. Arancini

First, the city with definitely the best seafood and arguably the best food overall. This city hits
close to home because it is where our origins are from, but don’t worry we aren’t biased, the
food is just that good. We are not talking about Cannoli, that will be in a different discussion, for
now we talk about Arancini. Arancini is a giant fried ball, filled with rice, ragu, cheese, and peas.
This is the most standard, however, there are other versions as well. You will also get your
moneys worth and might be as shocked as we were by how heavy the Arancini is. It is definitely
a must try!

2. Suppli

Next, we must look to one of the most historic cities in the world, Rome.
Although it is most known for it’s Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe, there’s a special food item that
you may have not heard of. Suppli! Suppli is this delicious fried ball filled with rice, cheese, and
sauce, but somehow is even better than Arancini! (And this is coming from us…told you we
weren’t biased 😉 )
You have to get Suppli from an authentic place though, nowhere too touristy. The best Suppli we
had was in Campo di Fiori at this restaurant.

1. Cuoppo

Third on the list is Cuoppo. If you like Calamari then you will love this. It is a full cone filled with
the freshest, most tender Calamari you could ever imagine. Just squeeze a little bit of lemon
over the top and enjoy this while walking along Cinque Terre with breathtaking views of
mountains and sea.


This is our list of our favorite street-food items, there is so much more to learn if you are thinking
about a trip to Italy! Make sure to read our other blogs!

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