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Nameless.James on TikTok (700k) and Instagram (58k), joins ‘The Tiralosi Twins Podcast’ to discuss the secret to how he got his name and we talk about how Nameless James got started on social media. Why he loves throwback music and how his recurring themes took place.



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Episode 2 - Hunterthehill

Hunter.the.hill and Alexa on FYP! Hunter.the.Hill has 1.3 million followers on TikTok where you have probably seen him having funny banter and creative dialogue with his Amazon Alexa on fyp.

Episode 3 - Matthew Wurnig

TikTok bachelor, as he’s referred as, goes throughout the U.S. having a date in each state. You have probably seen him under the name ’50 dates 50 states’

Episode 4 - Joey Miuccio

You might recognize him from Vine. What this vine star is doing today is continuing his social media presence from Vine to TikTok.

Episode 5 - Max Emerson Taylor

Social Media Creator- Max Emerson Taylor best known for his comedy skits on Tiktok.


Episode 6 - Jake Sousie

In this podcast we speak to Jake Sousie about his content and how he acccumulated 2.2 Milion followers. He talks about his background in Music and some funny stories about making his content.

Episode 7 - The Driplets

TikTok stars known for their hilarious pranks on Omegle. They share their journey to fame, the secrets behind their viral videos, and tips on how to create content that stands out. 

Episode 8 - Nic Suarez

In this episode, Nic shares his journey to TikTok fame, discussing the strategies he used to grow his following, how he creates content that resonates with his audience and the challenges he faced along the way.

Episode 9- Damian Brunton

Join us as we chat with Damian Brunton, the photographer behind the lens of some of the biggest social media influencers on the platform. Damian shares his journey and insights on capturing the perfect shot for social media stars. Tune in to learn more!


Episode 10 - Jackson Eyre

In this Episode we speak with Jackson Eyre. He has an incredible story and has helped hundreds of people struggling with mental health. His T-shirt with his famous quote “The world’s a better place with you in it”, which has been worn by some of the most famous influencers and athletes.

Episode 11 - Peyton Hardin

Host of the ‘You Should Know’ Podcast, owner of the ‘You Should Know Studios’, and he’s probably all over your “for you page” with his captivating stories.

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