Want to drink your way through Italy but want to drink more than just wine? You’ve come
to the perfect place!
We all know wine is a standard drink of Italy, but did you know ordering a spritz there is
about just as common? That’s right, this list will show you some of the BEST spritz to get

3. Aperol Spritz

Yes, we have to start with the most obvious and traditional spritz. The
Aperol Spritz is delicious and a nice drink to have at L’Apertivo (The before
main meal drink/social time), or just with your normal meals. The drink
consists of Aperol, Prosecco, and club soda and of course, an orange slice
to garnish. Although, I have also seen sparkling water (Aqua Frizzante)
used in place of the club soda.

2. Limoncello Spritz

a. A less common spritz, but certainly no lesser of taste, this spritz combines
with another signature of Italy….Limoncello. Although, Limoncello is
normally used as an after dinner digestive, it is still incorporated in many
other drinks. However, this spritz will not always be on the menu, so
sometimes you can just ask for it and they will easily make it for you.

1. Italicus Spritz

Huh? Ital- yep! Italicus Spritz. I love this one because it is not very common
so it is less touristy and more unique. To explain it, Italicus is a citrus liquor
mixed in with prosecco. It can be garnished with olives, however, when it
was served to us it was garnished with a lemon.

Now you will be drinking Apertivo like an Italian with these spritz’s!! But wait! If you want
to feel like an Italian you should learn how to order your spritz like one!
See this article on a very EASY way to learn how to order in Italian.

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